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International Journal of Ecology and Environmental Sciences 27: 81-88, 2001
International Scientific Publications, New Delhi

Primary Production by Epiphytic Algal Communities from Glasgow Streams Polluted by
Domestic Sewage

N.T. Chellappa



Changes in species richness, species diversity and chlorophyll-a of epiphytic algal communities were investigated in relation to stream pollution. Monthly samples were taken for 18 months from two sites (one unpolluted and another polluted) each on two third order streams - Allander Water and Glazert Water- which are tributaries of the River Kelvin. These streams receive different levels of domestic wastes from Milngavie Sewage Works and Lennox Castle Hospital, respectively. Data were analysed statistically using multiple regression. Significant relationships were obtained for chlorophyll-a, ammoniacal nitrogen and orthophosphate. A single non-target species, Oedogonium contributes richly to chlorophyll-a of epiphytic algae.

Key Words: Chlorophyll, Epiphytic algae, Species richness, Sewage pollution, Water quality, Oedogonium