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International Journal of
Ecology and Environmental Sciences

Published since 1974
CODEN: IJESDQ            ISSN: 0377-015X


Vol 27 (2001)  Vol 26 (2000)   Vol 25 (1999)   Vol 24 (1998)  Vol 23 (1997)    Vol 22 (1996)   Vol 21 (1995)


Volume 22, 1996

Ripley, E.A., Renzhong, W. and Tingcheng, Z.:
The climate of the Songnen plain, northeast China, 1-21.

Singh, A. and Agrawal, M.:
Effect of enhanced UV-B radiation on biomass, net photosynthesis and pigments in four tropical legumes, 23-31.

Ravan, S.A., Roy, P.S. and Sharma, C.M.:
Accuracy evaluation of digital classification of landsat TM data - An approach to include phenological
stages of tropical dry deciduous forest, 33-43.

Herrera-Silveira, J.A.:
Seasonal patterns and behaviour of nutrients in a tropical coastal lagoon with groundwater discharges, 45-57.

Raffaele, E. and Gobbi, M.E.:
Seed bank composition and variability in Austrocedrus chilensis forest sites in Patagonia, Argentina, 59-72.

Khan, J.A.:
Factors governing habitat occupance of ungulates in Gir Lion Sanctuary, Gujarat, India. 22, 73-83.

Greipsson, S.:
Rhizospheric oxidation and acidification of rice and its effect on iron deposition on roots and heavy metal toxicity, 85-90.

Sivakumari, K., Manavalaramanujam, R., Ramesh, M., Kanagaraj, M.K. and Lakshmi, R.:
Cypermethrin toxicity: Acute effects on enzyme activities in a freshwater telecost, Cyprinus carpio var. communis, 91-94.

Baruah, D. and Sarma, S.K.:
Effects of crude oil pollution on species composition, biomass and production of a herbaceous community
in the Lakwa Oil Fields of Assam (India), 95-100.

Book Reviews, 101-111

Vol. 22, No. 2

Sivaramakrishnan, K.G., Hannaford, M.J. and Resh, V.H.:
Biological assessment of the Kaveri river catchment, south India, using benthic macroinvertebrates:
Applicability of water quality monitoring approaches developed in other countries, 113-132.

Raman, A.:
Nutritional diversity in gall-inducing insects and their evolutionary relationships with flowering plants, 133-143.

Khan, Y.S.A. and Hossain, M.S.:
Impact of shrimp culture on the coastal environment of Bangladesh, 145-158.

Margutti, L., Ghermandi, L. and Rapoport, E.H.:
Seed bank and vegetation in a Patagonian roadside, 159-175.

Patil, G.P., Grigoletto, M. and Johnson, G.:
Using covariate-directed sampling of EMAP hexagons to assess the statewide species richness of breeding birds
in Pennsylvania, 177-200.

Khan, M.A.:
Radiocarbon assay of dark uptake of CO2 in a shallow rural lake of Kashmir Valley, India, 201-207.

Book Reviews, 209-216

Vol. 22, No. 3

Rapoport, E.H.:
The flora of Buenos Aires: Low richness or mass extinction?, 217-242.

Martin, D.W.:
Economic policies to promote sustainable development, 243-260.

Krishnamurthy, S.V. and Reddy, S.R.:
Seasonal fluctuations and periodicity in the insect larval drift in an unpolluted tropical river Tunga,
Western Ghats, India, 261-270.

Nair, K.S.S. and Mohanadas, K.:
Early events in the outbreak of the teak caterpillar, Hyblaea puera, 271-279.

Fernandes, V.O. and Esteves, F.A.:
Evaluation of nutritional value of epiphyton on Typha dominguensis Pers. in a tropical lagoon in Brazil, 281-288.

Nautiyal, R., Nautiyal, P. and Singh, H.R.:
Impact of sewage on the diatom communities of river Alaknanda (Srinagar, Garhwal), 289-296.

Rajan, M.R., Daniel, T. and Jeyapushparani, C.:
The effect of sublethal concentrations of tannery effluent affected water on the survival and feeding energetics
of Cyprinus carpio var. communis, 297-302.

Book Reviews, 303-310


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