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International Journal of
Ecology and Environmental Sciences

Published since 1974
CODEN: IJESDQ            ISSN: 0377-015X


Vol 27 (2001)  Vol 26 (2000)   Vol 25 (1999)   Vol 24 (1998)  Vol 23 (1997)    Vol 22 (1996)   Vol 21 (1995)


Vol. 26  No. 1

An Analysis of Persistence, Resilience and the Conservation of Keystone Species
Amitrajeet A. Batabyal 1-10

Species Richness and Turnover of Moss Communities in Western Parts of Nanda Devi Biosphere Reserve
Hans Raj Negi 11-26

Self-incompatibility, Nectar Resorption and Cross-pollination in the Indian Laurel Terminalia tomentosa (Combretaceae)
J.B. Atluri, S. Purnachandra Rao and C. Subba Reddi 27-36

Regeneration Patterns of Woody Species in Tropical Semi-Evergreen Forest of Shervarayan Hills, Eastern Ghats, South India
K. Kadavul and N. Parthasarathy 37-48

Predicting the Availability of Copper to Rooted, Emergent Aquatic Macrophytes from the Fly River Floodplain, Papua New Guinea
B.T. Yaru and R.T. Buckney 49-65

Trade-off Between Dispersal Efficiency and Seedling Fitness in Oroxylum indicum, A Wind-Dispersed Tropical Tree
Putul Bhuyan, M.L. Khan and Uma Shankar 67-73

Respiration and Enzyme Activities of Soil Following Application of an Organophosphorus Insecticide
Smeeta Panda and Sanjat K. Sahu 75-82

Book Reviews 83-88


Vol. 26 No. 2-3

Impact of Pollution on Productivity and Fisheries of Lake Mariut, Egypt
Magdy T. Khalil              89-97

Scavenging Potential of Trees to SO2 and NO2 Under Experimental Conditions
B.M. Reddy and P.S. Dubey         99-106

Biomass and Energy Allocation of Leymus chinensis in the Semi-Arid Songnen Plain of Northeast China
Wang Renzhong and Earle A. Ripley            107-115

The Importance of Microclimate in Grassland Ecosystems
Earle A. Ripley           117-137

Effects of Altitude and Shade-Tree Types on Large Cardamom Chlorophyll, Nitrogen and Spectral Properties in the Sikkim Himalaya
K.K. Singh, A.P. Krishna and E. Sharma          139-147

Distribution and Abundance of Intertidal Macro-invertebrates on the Rocky Bench of Pacha, Near Karachi
Shaista Hameed and Muzammil Ahmed        149-163

Seasonal Variation of Abrothrix xanthorhinus Reproduction and Plant Cover in a Stipa speciosa Grassland in Northwestern Patagonia
Luciana Ghermandi and Nadia Guthmann       165-171

Diversity and Biomass of the Understory Vegetation in an Age Series of Eucalyptus tereticornis Plantation
Surendra Singh Bargali and Kiran Bargali          173-181

Vegetation Composition of Inland Salt Marshes of the Desert Ecosystem of Western Egypt
Monier M. Abd El-Ghani                183-206



Vol. 26 No. 4

Comparison of Water Relations of Seedlings and Trees of Two Himalayan Oaks
Satish C. Garkoti, Donald B. Zobel and Surendra P. Singh                213-222

Impact of Irrigation on an Aquatic Ecosystem
Yutaka Matsuno and Wim van der Hoek              223-233

Assessment of Water Pollution in the Narayani River, Nepal
J.P. Sah, S.K. Sah, P. Acharya, D. Pant and V.A. Lance           235-252

Spatial Zonation of Zooplankton in the Northwestern Arabian Sea: A Multivariate Approach
K.V. Jayalakshmy          253-268

Comparative Analysis on Species Diversity of Aquatic Macrophytes in Lake Phewa and Lake Rupa of Pokhara Valley, Nepal
P. Shrestha and G.A. Janauer             269-280

Macroinvertebrate Fauna of Water Hyacinth in the Kenyan Waters of Lake Victoria
J.R. Muli,, K.M. Mavuti and J.M. Ntiba              281-302


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