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International Journal of
Ecology and Environmental Sciences

Published since 1974
CODEN: IJESDQ            ISSN: 0377-015X


Vol 27 (2001)  Vol 26 (2000)   Vol 25 (1999)   Vol 24 (1998)  Vol 23 (1997)    Vol 22 (1996)   Vol 21 (1995)


Volume 23, 1997

Unni, K.S. and Naik, L.:
Distribution and ecology of zooplankton in the headwaters of the tropical river Narmada,   1-16.

Prakash, I. and Singh, P.:
Ecological distribution and reproduction of the shrew, Suncus murinus sindensis on the Aravalli Mountain,  17-23.

Visalakshi, N.:
Dynamics of vesicular-arbuscular mycorrhizae in two tropical dry evergreen forests, south India,  25-36.

Farji-Brener, A.G. and Margutti, L.:
Patterns of plant species in relation to Acromyrmex lobicornis nest-mounds on roadside vegetation in Northwest Patagonia,  37-47.

Nautiyal, B.P., Pandey, N. and Bhatt, A.B.:
Analysis of vegetation pattern in an alpine zone in Northwest Himalaya: A case study of Garhwal Himalaya
with reference to diversity and distribution patterns,  49-65.

Bhandari, B.S., Mehta, J.P., Nautiyal, B.P. and Tiwari, S.C.:
Structure of a Chir Pine (Pinus roxburghiiSarg.) community along an altitudinal gradient in Garhwal Himalaya,  67-74.

Kang, H., Freeman, C. and Emmett, B.A.:
Effects of long-term nitrogen addition on sol enzyme activities in a sitka spruce forest,   75-80.

Akinola, M.O. and Egunjobi, J.K.:
Contribution to the germination ecology of Spigelia anthelmia (L.) DC. - a herbaceous weed in Nigeria,  81-84.

Parthasarathy, N. and Karthikeyan, R.:
Population structure of Grewia pandaica - a rare and endemic tree species in south-west India,  85-90.

Pompeo, M.L.M. and Henry, R.:
Longitudinal variation in the concentrations of C, N and P in the stem of Echinochloa polystachya (H.B.K.) Hitchcock,  91-97.

Book Reviews,  99-104

Revised Guidelines to Authors for the Preparation of Manuscripts,  105-114

Volume 23, no. 2  Special Issue on Statistical Ecology

Gore, A.P.:
Introduction to the special issue on statistical ecology,  117-118.

Patil, G.P., Johnson, G.D., Myers, W.L. and Taillie, C.:
Statistical ecology, environmental statistics, and ecological assessment,  119-164.

Watve, M.:
Parasite diversity and bacterial diversity: A statistical perspective,  165-172.

Paranjpe, S.A. and Gore, A.P.:
Effort needed to measure biodiversity,  173-183.

Joshi, N.V., Suresh, H.S. and Prabhakar, R.:
Hierarchical partitioning of tree diversity across spatial scales: A Case Study from the
Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve, southern India,  185-196.

Gupta, A.:
Matrix population models for two herbaceous species,  197-207.

Gore, A.P., Paranjpe, S.A., Ganeshaiah, K.N. and Shanker, R.U.:
Seed size optimization in multiovulated plants,  209-216.

Volume 23, no. 3

Ibrahim, A.M., Khalil, M.T. and Mubarak, M.F.:
Ecological studies on the exotic crayfishes, Procambarus clarkkii and Procambarus zonangulus in the River Nile, Egypt,  217-228.

Pagioro, T.A., Roberto, M.C. and Lansac-Toha, F.A.:
Comparative limnnological analysis of two lagoons on the floodplain of the Upper Parana River, Brazil,  229-239.

Jain, K.L., Singh, M., Dogra, D. and Mathur, R.B.:
Food preferences in cryptostigmatic mites for fungi and their impact on nutrient cycling in soils,  241-249.

Raju, Aluri J.S., Reddi, C.S. and Das, K.R.:
Dioecism and hawkmoth pollination in Xeromphis spinosa, 251-260.

Tauk-Tornisielo, S.M. and Malagutti, E.N.:
Cumulative effects of vinasse on the characteristics of red-yellow latosols under cerrado vegetation,  261-269.

Arunachalam, M., Nair, K.C.M., Vijverberg, J. and Kotmulder, K.:
Food and habitat partitioning among fishes in stream pools of a south Indian river,   271-295.

Book Reviews,  297-302

Volume 23 no. 4. Special Issue on Biodiversity

Gopal, B.:
Biodiversity in inland aquatic ecosystems in India: An Overview,  305-313.

Dehadrai, P.V. and Poniah, A.G.:
Conserving India's fish biodiversity,  315-326.

Arunachalam, M., Johnson, J.A. and Sankaranarayanan, A.:
Fish diversity in rivers of northern Karnataka, Western Ghats,  327-333.

Arunachalam, M., Sorannam, R., Johnson, J.A. and Haniffa, M.A.:
Fish diversity in Chittar rivers of Western Ghats,  335-342.

Sinha, R.K.:
Status and conservation of Ganges river dolphin in Bhagirathi-Hooghly river systems in India,  343-355.

Biswas, S.P., Baruah, A. and Mohan, R.S.L.:
Current status of river dolphin (Platanista gangetica) in the river Brahmaputra,   357-361.

Sundarapandian, Sm. and Swamy, P.S.:
Plant biodiversity at low-elevation evergreen and moist deciduous forests at Kodayar (Western Ghats, India),  363-379.

Chandrasekaran, S., Sundarapandian, Sm. and Swamy, P.S.:
Contribution of exotic weeds to plant community structure and primary production in successional fallows
at Kodayar in Western Ghats of Tamil Nadu,  381-388.

Shafiq, T., Javed, S. and Khan, J.A.:
Bird community structure of the middle altitude oak forest in Kumaon Himalayas, India:
A preliminary investigation,  389-400.

Raza, R.H. and Khan, J.A.:
A preliminary assessment of the relative conservation status of Himalayan pheasants in relation to their
habitat and distribution,  401-408.

Hussain, M.S., Khan, J.A., Ahmed, A. and Kaul, R.:
Status and conservation of galliformes in the Kumaon Himalaya, Uttar Pradesh, India,   409-417.

Ghate, U., Bhagwat, S., Gokhale, Y., Gour-Broome, V. and Barwe, V.:
Assessing the tropical forest plant diversity: A case study from the Western Ghats, India,   419-444.

Negi, H.R. and Gadgil, M.:
Species diversity and community ecology of mosses: A case study from Garhwal Himalaya,   445-462.

Israel Oliver King, E.D., Viji, C. and Narasimhan, D.:
Sacred groves: Traditional ecological heritage, 463-470.

Joseph, S.J.:
Technical resource centre for the implementation of the equity provisions of the
convention on biological diversity,  471-477.

Chatterjee, S. and Sastry, A.R.K.:
Biodiversity 'Hotspots' conservation programme of WWF-India,  479-483.

Book Reviews,  485-490

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