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International Journal of
Ecology and Environmental Sciences

Published since 1974
CODEN: IJESDQ            ISSN: 0377-015X


Vol 27 (2001)  Vol 26 (2000)   Vol 25 (1999)   Vol 24 (1998)  Vol 23 (1997)    Vol 22 (1996)   Vol 21 (1995)


Vol. 27 No.1  March 2001

Analysis of Aquatic Vegetation in Islands of the Nile Valley (Egypt)
Monier M. Abd El-Ghani and Ahmad G. Fahmy                         p. 1-11

Diversity and Dominance of Liverworts of Chopta-Tunganath in the Garhwal Himalaya
Hans Raj Negi                                                 p. 13-21

Effect of Temperature, Salinity and Burial on Seed Germination and Seedling Emergence of Five Coastal Sand Dune Legumes
A.B. Arun, N.S. Raviraja and K.R. Sridhar                                 p. 23-30

Decomposition of Oak and Willow Leaves in Two Lakes of Kumaon with Different Trophic Characteristics
P.K. Gupta, Rajani Dangwal and Surendra S. Nagdali               p. 31-38

Space Use in Two Rodent Species (Abrothrix xanthorhinus and Eligmodontia morgani) in North-Western Patagonia
M. Lozada, M. de Torres Curth, K.M. Heinemann and N. Guthmann     p.   39-43
       Abstract                         Full Paper (PDF file to be viewed/ downloaded)

Effect of Polyphenols in Leaf Litter on Energy Content and Respiration of Detritivore Soil Arthropod Species
S.K. Maity and V.C. Joy                                       p. 45-49

Population Analysis of Alphonsea sclerocarpa Thw. (Annonaceae) in the Kalrayan Hills of Eastern Ghats, India
K. Kadavul and N. Parthasarathy                                 p. 51-54

Water Yield and Water Quality of Some Aquifers in the Himalaya
G.C.S. Negi, K. Kumar, V. Joshi, Y.S. Panda and G.S. Satyal           p. 55-59

Book Reviews                                                p.   61-62



Vol. 27 No.2  June 2001

Distribution of Woody Plant Communities along the Flood Gradient in the Pantanal of Poconé, Mato Grosso, Brazil.
C. Nunes da Cunha and W.J. Junk                                             p. 63-70

Xylophagous Macro-invertebrate and Fungi Associations in Contrasting Amazonian Ecosystem:The Millipede Viewpoint
Katrin Vohland, M.A. de Jesus, Christopher Martius and Joachim Adis                   p. 71-79

Primary Production by Epiphytic Algal Communities from Glasgow Streams Polluted by Domestic Sewage
N.T. Chellappa                                                           p. 81-88

Effect of Soil Nitrogen and Competition on Certain Leaf Characteristics of Quercus leucotrichophora and Alnus nepalensis Seedlings
Asha Tiwari (née Joshi), S.P. Singh and D.N. Joshi                                 p. 89-96

Growth Responses of Microalgae to Multiple Metal Ion Stress
M. Pratima, S.B. Angadi and R.D. Mathad                                      p. 97-103

Change of Benthic Macro-invertebrate Community in a Salt Marsh of the Changjiang Estuary after a Short-term Tidal Restriction
X.Z. Yuan and J.J. Lu                                                     p. 105-110

Organochlorine Pesticide Residues in the Muscles of Three Fishes from the Ganges Estuary, Bangladesh
S.M.A. Jabber, Y.S.A. Khan and M.S. Rahman                                   p. 111-116

Dietary Intake of Persistent Organochlorine Residues through Gangetic Fishes in India
Anupma Kumari, R.K. Sinha, Krishna Gopal, K. Prasad                                p. 117-120

Assessment of Sea Water Intrusion Around the Vaippar River Estuary of Tamil Nadu, India
N. Jawahar Raj and K. Kumaraswamy                                         p. 121-124

Book Reviews                                                           p. 125-126


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