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International Journal of
Ecology and Environmental Sciences

Published since 1974
CODEN: IJESDQ            ISSN: 0377-015X


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Vol. 25 No. 1 April 1999

Nutrient Dynamics in an Arundo donax Wetland: Nutrient Uptake, Seasonal
Changes in Tissue Concentrations, and Release During in situ Decomposition
    K.P. Sharma, S.P.S. Kushwaha and  Brij Gopal                        1-20

Persistence of the Native Species of a Patagonian Austrocedrus chilensis forest in Bariloche, Argentina
        Maria Damascos, Luciana Ghermandi and Ana Ladio             21-35

Species Composition, Relative Abundance and Altitudinal Distribution of Small Mammals in the Aravalli Montane Range
Ishwar Prakash and Partap Singh                37-49

POINT, A Freeware Program in, BASIC for Analysis of Point Centered Quarter (PCQ) Data
Y.N. Rao and Salim Javed                    51-61

Leaflet Abscission Caused by a Gall Induced by Melaphis rhois (Homoptera:Aphididae) on Rhus glabra (Anacardiaceae)
G. Wolson Fernandes, Fabiana M.C. Castro and E.S.A. Marques           63-69

Austrocedrus chilensis Management: Effects on Microsites and Regeneration
Miriam Gobbi                 71-83

Chemical Characterization of Water and Sediments in the Mangroves Along the Arabiari Gulf, United Arab Emirates
M.M.A. Shtiadah                 85-90

Distribution of Heavy Metals in Kuttanad Wetland Ecosystem of Kerala, India
Snil George, K. Harikrishnan, Sabu Thomas, R. Paul Murugan, Sathish Mundayoor and M.R. Das    91-95

Book Reviews 97-104

Revised Guidelines to Authors 105-114


Volume 25, No. 2

Goncalves-Alvim, Silmary de J., Landau, E.C., Fagundes, M., da Silva, Vania G., Nunes, Yule R.F. and  Fernandes, W.:
Abundance and impact of a Lepidopteran gall on Macairea radula(Melastomataceae) in the neotropics.  115-125.

Thomas, R. and Balakrishnan, M.:
Depletion of biodiversity in an Acacia auriculiformis introduced habitat. 127-141.

Batabyal, A.A.:
Contemporary research in ecological economics: Five outstanding issues. 143-154.

Herat, S.:
Solid and hazardous waste as alternative raw materials and energy in cement production.    155-165.

Sultana, A. and Khan, J.A.:
Avian community in the Kumaon Himalaya, India - a preliminary study. 167-176.

Jha, K.K. and Singh, J.S.:
Temporal patterns of bole volume and biomass of young teak plantations raised in moist deciduous forest region, India. 177-184.

Yaru, B.T. and Buckney, R.T.:
Effect of aquatic plant growth on the overbank deposition of mine-derived sediments in the Fly River floodplain, Papua New Guinea. 185-199.

Johny, S., Muthukumaravel, K., Raghu, S., Muralirangan, M.C. and Sanjayan, K.P.:
Geographical distribution of Cephaline Gregarines (Apicomplexa: Protozoa) in relation to grasshoppers (Orthoptera: Acrididae) in Tamil Nadu, India. 201-207.

Book Reviews.  209-211


Vol. 25 No. 3 September 1999

Special Issue: Biology and Behaviour of Phytophagous Arthropods in Synthetic Environments
Guest Editors: R. Beiderbeck and A. Raman

Beiderbeck, R. and Raman, A.:
Phytophagous arthropods in synthetic environments.  213-219.

Forneck, A., Walker, M.A. and Merkt, N.:
A review of aseptic dual culture of grape (Vitis species) and grape phylloxera (Daktulosphaira vitifoliae Fitch, Homoptera: Phyllo-eridae). 221-227.

Krekeler, B.:
Biology and host relations of Chaitophorus salijaponicus niger (Homoptera: Aphidoidea) tested on the aseptic
shoot cultures of Salix alba (Salicaceae).  229-238.

Schwobel, G. and Beiderbeck, R.:
In-vitro gall induction on aseptically-propagated tissues of Salix alba (Salicaceae) by Aculus tetanothrix (Acarina: Eriophydae).  238-248.

Croughan, S.S. and Quisenberry, S.S.:
Insect interactions with plant cells in culture environments.  249-257.

Hunter, W.B. and Hsu, H.T.:
Synthetic diets and piercing-sucking insect research.  259-266.

Ishikawa, H.:
Chemically-defined diets of the symbiosis between Homoptera and intra-cellular microorganisms. 267-276.

Raman, A. and Beiderbeck, R.:
Dual culture technology involving arthropods and plant tissues: challenges, opportunities and prospects.  277-284.



Vol. 25 No. 4 December 1999

Cumulative Index      285- 376


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