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International Journal of
Ecology and Environmental Sciences

Published since 1974
CODEN: IJESDQ            ISSN: 0377-015X


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Vol. 24 No. 1 March 1999

Special Issue: Forestry, Agriculture and Environment

Singh, R.K.:
Rice paddies and environment.,  1-11.

Srivastava, P.B.L.:
Management of forest resources for sustainable development - recent initiatives.,   13-24.

Misra, V.K.:
Ecological and socio-economic security of the rural communities through tree growers' cooperatives.,  25-36.

Krishna, G., Dwivedi, M., Nautiyal, M.C. and Sah, V.K.:
Land degradation: Assessment of soil sensitivity, sediment and nutrient losses from watershed in Central Himalaya.,  37-47.

Dagar, J.C.:
Vegetation of salt affected soils and its scope for agroforestry interventions.,   49-57.

Solanki, G.S., Singh, N. and Rao, S.B.N.:
Use of saline water in agroforestry system and evaluation of fodder.,  59-63.

Prajapati, M.C.:
Managing ravine watersheds for bio-hydrologic and socio-economic aggradation through goat grazing.,  65-72.

Prajapati, M.C. and Lavania, G.S.:
Evaluation of river bank stability under forest, agriculture and grazing landuses.,   73-80.

Kikim, A. and Yadava, P.S.:
Impact of fire on regeneration of dominant tree species in a secondary subtropical forest of north-eastern India.,  81-93.

Thoudam, N.S. and Yadava, P.S.:
Emission of carbon dioxide and carbon balance in an agroecosystem at Imphal, Manipur.,   95-102.

Kaur, B., Aggarwal, A.K. and Gupta, S.R.:
Soil microbial biomass and nitrogen mineralization in salt affected soils.,  103-111.

Malik, V. and Gupta, S.R.:
Nitrogen release and uptake in residue-incorporated soils.,  113-121.

Singh, T.B. and Yadava, P.S.:
Seasonal fluctuations of oribatid mites in a subtropical forest ecosystem of Manipur, north-eastern India.,  123-129.

Reddy, K.B.:
Effect of long-term disturbance on herbaceous plant community: A case study.,   131-139.

Govindasamy, C., Viji Roy, A.G. and Jayapaul, A.:
Seasonal variation of heavy metals in water and zooplankton of Pondicherry Coast, Bay of Bengal.,  141-146.

Gupta, A.:
Heavy metals in some freshwater invertebrates from Barak Valley, Assam, India.,   147-151.

Book Reviews.,  153-158


Vol. 24 No. 2-3 September 1999

Special Issue: Wetlands  (Guest Editors: C.M. Finlayson and R. Froend)

Florin, M. and Montes, C.:
Which are the relevant scales to assess primary production of Mediterranean semi-arid salt lakes?,  161-177.

Jenkins, K.M. and Boulton, A.J.:
Community dynamics of invertebrates emerging from reflooded lake sediments: Flood pulse and aeolian influences.,  179-192.

Storey, A.W. and Figa, B.:
Effects of the ok tedi copper mine on the benthic macro-invertebrate fauna of forest-fringed oxbow lakes of the Fly river system,
Papua New Guinea.,  193-206.

Halse, S.A., Pearson, G.B. and Kay, W.R.:
Arid zone networks in time and space: Waterbird use of lake Gregory in north-western Australia.,  207-222.

Scarano, F.R., Rios, R.I. and Esteves, F.A.:
Tree species richness, diversity and flooding regime: Case studies of recuperation after anthropic impact in
Brazilian flood-prone forests.,  223-235.

Waldhoff, D., Junk, W.J. and Furch, B.:
Responses of three central Amazonian tree species to drought and flooding under controlled conditions.,  237-252.

Galatowitsch, S.M. and Biederman, L.A.:
Vegetation and seedbank composition of temporarily flooded Carex meadows and implications for restoration.,  253-270.

Chabbi, A., Pietsch, W., Wiehe, W. and Huttl, R.F.:
Survival strategies of Juncus bulbosus L. under extreme phytotoxic conditions in acid mine lakes in the
Lusatian Mining District, Germany.,  271-292.

Ellery, W.N., McCarthy, T.S. and Dangerfield, J.M.:
Biotic factors in mima mound development: Evidence from the floodplains of the Okavango Delta, Botswana.,  293-313.

Vadineanu, A., Cristofor, S., Sarbu, A., Romanca, G., Ignat, G., Botnariuc, N. and Ciubuc, C.:
Biodiversity changes along the lower Danube river system.,  315-332.

Book Reviews.,  333-340


Vol. 24 No. 4 December 1999

Higo, M.:
Stand development on sites disturbed by Typhoon 15 in northern Japan.,  339-358.

Metternicht, G.I.:
Analysing the relationship between ground-based reflectance and environmental indicators of salinity processes in the
Cochabamba Valleys (Bolivia).,  359-370.

Koranteng, K.A., Ofori-Dansonand, P.K. and Entsua-Mensah, M.:
Comparative study of the fish and fisheries of three coastal lagoons in West Africa.,    371-382.

Renzhong, W. and Ripley, E.A.:
The effects of grazingand mowing on a Leymus chinensis grassland in the Songnen Plain of north-eastern China.,  383-391.

Sreekumar, P.G. and Balakrishnan, M.:
A study of the animal diversity in the proposed adirapally hydro-electric project area in Kerala.,  393-410.

Deventer, B. and Heckman, C.W.:
Comparison of the Chlorophyll, Carotenoid, and Phaeopigment complements of winter-adapted species of alga, lichen and moss,
and a summer-adapted angiosperm.,  411-419.

Raman, A.:
The WISDOM initiative for environmentally-sound development activity: A worthwhile model for developing countries.,  421-430.

Goel, U., Srivastava, V.K. and Naik, S.N.:
Assessing the allelopathic potential in Ocimum and Mentha species.,    431-440.


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